Filmflashe#8: RADAR – Storytelling & Creativity

RADAR is a series produced by WBPLabs – a division of the WorkBook Project.

The series is a timely, insider’s view into the cutting edge of storytelling and creativity, and the attendant tools, technology, models and community.

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Filmflashe#7: Hybrid Distribution

So, you’ve fed your film habit and the result is a completed feature film.  Well done!  Now how will you ensure that your target audience sees it?  And how will you generate revenue from it?

Here’s an excellent article from Indiewire with film distribution tips from Peter Broderick, President of Paradigm Consulting, a company that helps filmmakers and media companies develop strategies to maximize distribution, audience and revenue.

Filmflashe 7: Peter Broderick of Paradigm Consulting re Hybrid Film Distribution

What is your preferred method of film distribution?  Have you had any success with new media distribution?  Please share your opinions in the comments section below.

Filmflashe#6: Theatrical vs New Media Distribution

All filmmakers dream of walking down the red carpet to premiere their feature film on the big screen.  Films are the culmination of a lot of hard work and why wouldn’t we want to screen our work in style?

But is this eliminating opportunities to distribute our work more cost effectively to a wider audience through new media channels?

Filmflashe 6: Theatrical vs New Media Distribution

Steve Pond explores this issue in The Wrap: you can read his blog post here

It’s a fascinating debate.  Check out the comments in response to his article.

Filmflashe#3: Producing A Film For The Global Marketplace

Stacey Parks of Film Specific to share her top strategies for how to plan for financing and distribution for $1m-budget films in a virtual seminar.

It’s called The Post-Cannes Report: How To Survive Producing A Film For The Global Marketplace – A Virtual Seminar.

For more details of Stacey’s seminar, click here

It’s well worth subscribing to Film Specific’s newsletter – it’s an excellent resource!

Filmflashe#2: “The Long Tail”

Chris Anderson explaining “The Long Tail” i.e. why Hollywood has been interpreted as representing the majority of people’s taste in film, but why the internet proves this isn’t true. Niche markets have a “long tail”.

Filmflashe#1: The New Process of Cinema

Welcome to Filmflashe!

It’s a forum exploring how we can all become more involved in the new process of cinema, which will elevate our enjoyment of films and ensure that the films we want to see get made and distributed.

Since it’s our first day on set, so to speak, here’s an extraordinary paper delivered at the Power To The Pixel Cross Media Film Forum by renowned indie producer, Ted Hope, giving insight into this evolving cinematic process:

Take Back What Has Always Been Yours

Producer Ted Hope addressing the Power To The Pixel Cross Media Film Forum 2009

You can read further insights on Ted’s blog, Hope For Film, and his website Truly Free Film.

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